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Support US

Sponors: There are a few different ways to become part of our sponsor team. 

1) Product placement.

    We can put your company logo in our films. With over a million followers we can sure you to get notice.

2) You may be part of our Talent.

    Have a passion for Acting? We can get you in front of the camera. 

3) Become an investors to become our investment partners.

    Let's share the benefits in real time.

4) Receive credit in the movie score. 

    Watch your name on the Big Screen along with our talented team. 

Real Reel Productions is dedicated to working with talented independent artists as well as film makers. Our goal is to continue to contribute to the community and help bring these talented individuals to light. However, our work is only made possible with the generous help from our community of supporters. Your name will be mentioned in the credits of the film as a special thank you. 


If you would like to be part of the film, please send us detailed information and we will get back to you.


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